Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice – The Real Deal

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice with Cassia Cinnamon

Pumpkin Spice; nothing says autumn like those two simple words uttered in the same breath. For good reason – for the next few weeks you’ll practically be inhaling the stuff every time you pass by a coffee shop, someone bites into their special seasonal muffin or opens up a bottle of micro-brewed fall beer. The bottom line is we can’t escape it, it’s everywhere. What gets me and our team of one other employee is that most of the pumpkin spice we’ll consume in the coming weeks is a fragrant cocktail of dyes, artificial flavors, and type 2 diabetes causing sugars. So think twice before buying your pumpkin spice either pre-blended, mixed into your coffee, or baked into your 6 dollar 14,000 calorie healthy whole wheat muffin.

Here at the Fair Seas Spice Co, I and the other guy I work with are doing it old-school. We won’t be selling you a convenient little shaker filled with spices blended over 2 years ago. On the contrary, our pumpkin spice requires a little elbow grease because we’ll be selling it whole spices and all. This means you’ll have to go home and grind it for yourself. Our blend it yourself pumpkin spice kit will allow you to really taste the difference between the freshly ground authentic stuff and synthetic alternative. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.

So what goes into our pumpkin spice? First we start with Cassia or Ceylon Cinnamon, Cloves, Dried Ginger, Nutmeg, and Mace. These spices are fall’s quintessential warmth inducing ingredients. When freshly ground and combined together the result is a shift in your mood. Rather than complain about the impending cold you’ll welcome it as a reason to prepare and indulge in your favorite home baked deserts.

You can find our pumpkin spice at http://www.fairseasspice.ca/products/pumpkin-spice


Recipe: Berberé – Hot East African Spice mix

Recipe: Berberé – Hot East African Spice mix

When we think of going out for dinner or preparing a home cooked meal, rarely does the prospect of Ethiopian food arise. If you’ve never experienced Ethiopian I’ve included a little introductory video.

Now Ethiopians are master culinary tacticians. Their innovative use of spices delivers food with unmatched flavour and complexity. In this short post I’ll focus on a common East African spice blend called Berbere, This amazing spice blend lends Ethiopian food its unique character. The ingredients are simple enough:

This great video will walk you through the process.

I cannot stress this enough: Spice blend recipes are rough guides. You should be able to add or subtract any spice you wish and make it your own. This is an awesome way to develop your palate and discover new flavours.

I’ve also found am insightful blog post which gives a great, albeit slightly different version of the blend.