About the Fair Seas Spice Co.

Let me begin by thanking you for your interest in the Fair Seas Spice Co.

My name is Aviv Lubell, founder and owner of the Fair Seas Spice Co. As a tight knit family-run company, we are dedicated to bringing to you only the finest most equitably sourced organic spices on earth.

I believe the quality of our spices goes hand in hand with our dedication to sustainable and organic farming practices. As part of my personal and entrepreneurial passion for social justice, all of our spice suppliers have been personally vetted to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. In this pursuit, the Fair Seas Spice Co. has also became a fully certified Fairtrade Canada Licensee, and when possible we source our spices directly from Fairtrade certified farmers and cooperatives.

Working closely with local suppliers, I contract only small-scale spice farmers to whom I pay a fair market price for their crop. This allows the farmer with whom we partner to harvest their crops more organically, sustainably, and ethically. More importantly, interacting with our suppliers at the local level affords participating farmers greater economic stability. Buy purchasing  spices from us, you and your customers can make an active contribution to the economic, social, and environmental welfare of communities in which our hard-working small-scale family run farms operate.

Thank you,

Aviv Lubell

Founder and Owner of the Fair Seas Spice Co. 



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