Spice Sales and Promotions

This Week’s Spice Specials

This week we are very excited about our sales and promotions.

This week we have 50% off  Fairtrade Certified Vanilla Beans.

Vanilla Beabs

FT Vanilla Beans

Most people, unfortunately, have experienced vanilla only as vanilla extract. Using the actual vanilla bean in every day cooking  and baking may seem almost inaccessible. For one, vanilla beans are extremely expensive, and if your not quite sure how to use them chances are you won’t be willing to dish out 10 dollars for a few measly grams at your local high-end grocer. Fact is, vanilla beans are not so intimidating, and the internet provides us with tons of ideas and recipes. Here is a great video to get you started:

And a great little recipe to test out your newly acquired vanilla bean splitting skills. Peach Vanilla Bean Jam 

Next we have 35% off Fairtrade Certified White Pepper.

White Pepper

White Pepper

White pepper is also a bit of a kitchen mystery. The vast majority of us have seen white pepper in two forms, pre-ground, and pre-packaged in a pepper-mill, and for that I must apologize. There is no substitute for freshly ground white pepper. As opposed to its black counterpart, white pepper imparts a slightly creamier flavour. Although the peppercorn has heat to it, it works well to enhance existing flavours rather than alter the overall flavour profile of your recipe. When mixed with black pepper it provides a very nice peppery balance with varying degrees of pungency and kick, plus it look really nice in those acrylic pepper mills. We do not sell acrylic made in China pepper mills, we’re all about the made in USA hardwood quality stuff. White pepper is also a key ingredient in the classic French Bechamel Sauce

Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom

Next on tap we have 35%off Fairtrade certified Green Cardamom. Cardamom is also one of those must have spices. If you’ve ever dabbled in baking, Indian cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Scandinavian cuisine, spiced teas or spiced coffees, and I’m only getting started, Green Cardamom will be your go-to spice. Bottom line, no kitchen is complete without this fragrant little pod. Given the scorching heat hitting the North-east this week I thought this recipe would be apt, Mint and Cardamom Iced tea .


Whole Cloves

Lastly we have 35% off FT certified whole cloves. Also a little known, little used, and very expensive spice, cloves impart an extremely intense aromtaically woody flavour. Like cardamom, this spice is essential in almost every type of regional cuisine. A little goes a long way so you don’t need to go nuts to get fancy, juts hrow a couple of cloves in your rice for some great flavour (remove the cloves before serving). Here is another great iced tea recipe: Iced Chai Tea Latte.


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