Home Made Garam Masala.

A nice and simple recipe for making home-made Garam Masala. I also suggest you run your mix through a Sieve to remove all the large fibrous pieces. This produced a truly fine powder.

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Has it ever happened to you that you used to use a particular brand of something and you were so used to and accustomed to it and suddenly, one fine morning, the product is no longer available in the market. The company one day for some ‘weird’ reason stopped manufacturing it!!! Well it has happened with me more than once and not just in food varieties, in shampoos too 😦

One such case is the garam masala. My mom used to make her own garam masala for her cooking. And I knew the taste and aroma of it. I tried many brands but didn’t find anything close to what she would make. But voila! at last I found one brand which had the same exact aroma and taste of what my mom used to make. Now that brand became my default brand for almost all spice mixes and specifically garam…

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