Cinnamon Bun vs. Cinnamon Roll

The age old battle between the cinnamon roll and the cinnamon bun continues to persist to this very day. What separates the cinnamon roll from the cinnamon bun? Absolutely nothing. They just happen to be the top two Google searched terms related to cinnamon. You can tell we’re working very hard on our search engine optimization skills.

Seriously though, what is better than either a cinnamon roll or bun? So many delicious ingredients fighting so vigorously  to give you Type 2 diabetes. Maybe it’s the sugar, maybe it’s the buttery dough made from refined flower, most likely it’s both. Before you can even think of grabbing your insulin you’re hit with the spicy savoury goodness of the cinnamon. Now let’s focus a minute on cinnamon before I hit you up with an awesome high calorie recipe. There is cinnamon, and then there is cinnamon. We sell the latter. In fact we sell two variates of  Fairtrade and organic cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon from India and Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka (Update: we are receiving our Ceylon Cinnamon this Friday and we are very excited; that’s right, cinnamon excites us at the fair Seas Spice Co.) We import and sell our cinnamon unmolested  in whole form.  No dyes, no fillers, no artificial flavouring.  One simply cannot compare pre-ground bulk stuff to our fresh home ground cinnamon (any coffee grinder will do).

Now its time for a little cinnamon schooling:

Ceylon vs. Cassia

Odds are if you’ve bought cinnamon in north America its of the Cassia species. While we commonly refer to Cassia as cinnamon, in reality Ceylon cinnamon is the only variety to be considered true cinnamon. Cassia is also considered to be of higher quality than Cassia . Cassia is grown throughout Asia and consists of the outer bark on the cinnamon tree, while Ceylon is cultivated almost exclusively in Sri Lanka consisting only of  the inner bark of a small evergreen tree called Cinnamomum zeylanicum. Ceylon requires significantly more work to harvest than Cassia and is generally more expensive.  Do Cassia and Ceylon taste the same? Not quite. Ceylon cinnamon is sweet and delicate where as Cassia Cinnamon is more pungent and peppery. Cassia is usually a better suited for savoury dishes, while Ceylon is preferred for sweet dishes. At the end of the day both are delicious, and it really comes down to personal preference.

Now here is the link to the recipe:

You’re Doing It Wrong: Cinnamon Rolls


Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon Roll or Bun, it’s all the same.



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