100% pure Vanilla extract does not come cheap, nor does it come pure

100% pure Vanilla extract does not come cheap, nor does it come pure. Did you know bottle labelled as 100% pure actually contain corn syrup and extra sugar? A great article called Decoding Labels: McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract on the website FoodRenegade.com explains that companies add sweeteners to accelerate the maturation process. Real 100% pure vanilla extract requires months to properly mature before it begins to assume a well-rounded and balanced flavour. Large vanilla extract manufacturers have little time for this natural process, hence the added sweeteners.

This is why the Fair Seas Spice Co. is so proud of our 100% Fairtrade organic Homemade Vanilla Extract kits. The ingredients are plain to see. Fresh plump 100% Fairtrade certified Organic Vanilla beans, and vodka. No added sugars or sweeteners. Better yet, your extract can properly mature in its natural state over an extended period of time, and because the Vanilla beans are still in the bottle the extract only gets better with age. The flavour, quality, and purity of your homemade Vanilla extract will not be determined by a large corporation’s shipping schedule.

Furthermore you get to enjoy the knowledge that you’ve created a product while helping small scale vanilla farmers earn an honest wage for their harvest. Here is another great article entitled Fair Trade Vanilla: Anything but Plain which explains why buying Fairtrade vanilla is so important.


Fairtrade Vanilla Extract

100% Pure Fairtrade Homemade Vanilla Extract


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