Why Fairtrade Spices?

When it comes to Fairtrade, coffee and tea have assumed much of the spotlight. For good reason no less. Coffee and tea are so widely consumed that small scale farmers would stand little chance of survival if not for the opportunity Fairtrade affords to agricultural communities throughout the world.

Spices are not so different, and for that reason The Fair Seas Spice Co. works closely with organizations such as Fairtrade Canada in order to ensure the most stringent and socially responsible business practices are integrated into our business model.


To quote our favourite food blogger Mel Hadida of What Would Jaishree Do? “Spice production, which takes place largely in the developing world, is often plagued by exploitive practices. The spices that we find in our local supermarkets are often produced unethically and in ways that are environmentally harmful. Choosing to support and purchase our Fairtrade organic spices has countless positive effects on your own health and the health of our planet.”

Check out the rest of her article Spices and Fairtrade.

Small Scale Spice Farmer


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